Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Playliststory 370/365 – inspired by "Deep Blue Day" by Brian Eno

Do you remember that day we took the horses out, down by the river? The perfect summer day and we saw the green wheat waving, and the daisies by the phone pole, and the eagle in the sky. That day.

I miss you so much.

When are you coming back?

When are we going to ride the horses again? You on Buster and me on Blue because she's so calm and Buster likes you. Back down by the river again.

Please come back.

Can you hear me?

I'd love to live another thousand summer days with you. With the sky as blue and infinite as you can ever imagine. With soft grass and a gentle warm wind as we eat strawberries and laugh.

Can we have that back?


I'd take just one more summer day if I could see you one last time. The smile on your face, with the sun all warming it up. And then I'd put my hands on your neck and my head on your chest and you would laugh and hug me.

I'd like to see your face again.

Are you there...at all?

I'll squeeze your hand, I hope you can feel it. You are still warm, and your skin still has the callouses from mending the fences. You were born to be outdoors and now you can't be.

Can you feel me?

Can you hear me?

I will always love you. But I think you need to go now and I am sorry. They will pull this machine out of you and then you can sleep. I am so sorry.

Don't be afraid for me.


I will give you one last kiss. I hope you can feel it. I hope it is something. You are still so warm and I can't believe you are gone already.

Goodbye my darling.

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