Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spider Girl

This was from another writing prompt, but I can't remember the prompt!


Spider Girl

"I gotta get out of here guys, I need some air!" Mark slid open the door to his lanai, letting out a thick cloud of pot smoke. Why did the parties always turn into this? And who brought the hookah? Mark's brain was fuzzy. It took him a moment to realize there was a figure huddled in the corner.

"Hi." said the figure. It was a woman, crouched by the potted plant Mark could never remember the name of (and it didn't matter because it had died tragically a long time ago).

"Who are you?"

"None of your business."

"You're on my lanai. That's kind of my business. Why are you on my lanai by the way? What are you, like a cat burglar?"


"Really? Like you'd admit that?"


"But-" there was a pause.

"I'm not a cat burglar."

"Oh." The woman stood up, a bit unsteady.

"I live below you. I climbed up here to get away from my boyfriend. He's on a rampage."

"Really? Isn't that what rhinos do? And rabid baboons?" Mark could feel her staring at her. "Sorry, that was in bad taste."

"Yeah, really. I hope it's okay I'm up here."

"Yeah, that's fine. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"

The woman took a step forward, out of the shadow of the corner. Her face was bruised, her left eye swollen shut. "I'm fine, really."

"No your not!" Mark moved forward, she stepped back. "I won't hurt you-" He stepped back again, sensing that she felt threatened. There was an awkward moment. He moved to the railing and looked down. "I can't believe you climbed up. I'm on the ninth floor. We're really high up."

"S'all right. I'm athletic. I dance on a pole all day."

Mark looked back, sizing up her svelte body. "Cool." He broke his gaze again, slightly embarrassed. "Well, maybe you should call the police on your boyfriend dude - get a restraining order or something."

"I think I'd rather just stay here for a bit. If that's okay."

"Yeah, that's cool I guess. Whatever you want. Just don't cat burglarize me, yeah?"

"No problem."