Sunday, April 19, 2020

Playlist story 368/365 – inspired by "The Beginning (Instrumental)" by RJD2

Rock boiled upward, steaming out of the sea. Red magma met a torrent of rain, pushing up in bursts, spurting, exploding into strings that shattered as they fell back to the roiling waters. The rock grew further up and crumbled back and grew up more. Ages and ages as the sun spun around and the rains came down, building up pressure. And then the clouds parted and the rock calmed and the sun blessed the Earth.

And darkness and light cycled and the wind and the rain smoothed down the rocks, biting away at the sharp edges, grinding them to dust that settled in untouched crevices. And the ocean washed over the land, bring cells within cells that yearned for the sun. And so they came and they settled and the pushed into the dust for nourishment and stability. And the cells within cells stacked themself and pushed upward just as the rocks had done, but with more grace. And in time the cells covered the rocks, both feeding on them and protecting them. And they pushed up. And inside they changed and responded to the world around them, and spread and diversified until they were a raging carpet, swaying in the winds.

The cycles slowed and the land smoothed and the oceans grew dark with forms. And then these forms came to the land, slowly at first, and then within a blink had colonised it all. And in another blink some of them filled the air with their bodies as they had filled the ocean.

It was more than a thousand planets had acheived, where the conditions were not quite right, not quite yet. And on that one planet of untold billions, it was the beginning of it all.

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