Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Horror Ideas

Okay peeps, I found a list of story ideas in one of my old notebooks (they are written just as they are in the notebook, so they are not necessarily complete sentences). Pick your favorite, post a comment, and I'll write a story for Halloween using the idea that gets the most love. Granted, none of these are very Halloweeny, but I think they could all be suitably horrifying. There was an additional idea in the list that became my story "Factory Day" which I should probably post here at some point. That idea nub was "A factory--where monstrous creatures are assembled -- where bizarre death machinary is assembled". Lovely!


  1. Waking up on an empty plane flying autopilot in pitch blackness
  2. Loss of gravity while waiting at the DMV
  3. Hunting a serial killer (who is actually hunting himself)
  4. A soldier in Baghdad--hunting "insurgents" for sport on her offtime, but otherwise having contrastingly high morals
  5. Something set during the dustbowl -- as dust and grasshoppers swirl in the heat, a savage predator stalks escaping families. A gaunt man dressed in a dour black suit from the bank who actually feeds on the people he is collecting from
  6. "Plowhorse Soup" Ma is making a soup from the last of the bones of the plow horse. Told from the perspective of a child in the house who survives and witnesses the massacre [I'm not sure if this was supposed to be part of 5 above, but it could be a separate story]


oliver said...

I'd probably go with #1. #2 sounds pretty interesting too, though :)

Derrick said...

Yeah I like #1 too.