Monday, April 9, 2012

352/365 --Playlist Story-- inspired by "Silhouettes" by Herman's Hermits

"I was walking by." Matthew stood in the threshold of the breached door. His knuckles bled onto the floor in quiet drops.

"Pl-please." Karen was kneeling on the floor against the sofa, her mouth gashed open on the left side. "Not again."

"Again?" asked Matthew. "Why again?"

"You don't remember, do you?"

Matthew's lips trembled as he processed what this might mean.

"You did this before?" he asked, his voice faltering higher. Tears formed in his eyes.

"No," said Karen calmly. She started to rise but Matthew took a step forward and she sat back down. "You think you're my boyfriend, but you never were."

"Of course I am!" screamed Matthew.

"What is my name then?" asked Karen. "What is my name!" she screamed back.

Matthew took a step back and fell into the shredded door jamb. He took heavy breaths.

"Sarah. Your name is Sarah."

"No. No it's not. That's not my name."

"It is. It's you. It's Sarah."

"No Matthew, it isn't. Sarah was my twin sister and you killed her two years ago."

"NO! No you're Sarah. You're Sarah!" Matthew began to cry.

"Let me call the police, okay Matthew?"

"No. No, you're Sarah. You're Sarah."

"Let me help you Matthew, I can help you--"

Matthew lunged forward and grabbed Karen by her neck. She choked and scratched at his arms with her fingers. He bit into his own cheek and filled his mouth with blood then spat it into her face. Karen stilled herself and stared at Matthew. She reached under the sofa and pulled the shotgun towards her. Matthew pressed his knee into her chest and shook her. Karen propped the barrel against her thigh and pulled the trigger. The shot missed Matthew, further splintering the doorframe, but he let go of her in shock. As he turned to look where the shot landed Karen readjusted her aim and the shot tore into his chest. Blood sprayed against the living room blinds. He stumbled back until he hit the windows and slumped down, his eyes open but his heart stopped.

Karen shook with tremors as she stared at Matthew's still form. She pushed the gun away towards the kitchen with her feet. Then her breathing slowed and evened out. As the sound of sirens approached she felt a coldness inside her.

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