Friday, February 10, 2012

Bricked Macbook and Delays

So...I'm already terribly behind on my stories (still stuck in November), and I bricked my Macbook two days ago (hard drive failure). I can't afford to replace it. I'm stuck to having to write stories in the middle of the night when my dad isn't on his computer (which sucks on a number of levels...not the least of which is that I'm 35 and living at home again (and get to hear about adventures with dentures)...I digress). Anyway. I intend to persevere and finish on time, but bear with me because I might be posting more flash, badly autocorrected on my iPad. *Sigh*. Stick with me readers!


jdhugheswriter said...

I like your short stories. Keep going, Macbook notwithstanding.

KaOs said...

Thanks! I have been, but I'm just retro-posting them.