Sunday, September 25, 2011

154/365 -- Playlist Story -- inspired by "Infinity (Klaas Vocal Mix)" by Guru Josh Project

Araka wove with her twenty appendages--existing beyond and between all the dimensions of time and space, she stitched together all the universes in the multiverse wherever they threatened to come apart. For each universe that came into existence, she replicated herself and remained forever entangled with her children. Darkness lurked at the edge of the multiverse.

"Someday the multiverse will grow too large for you to stitch back together. It will pull apart and I will eat the untethered universes," whispered the darkness.

"As the multiverse grows larger, I will create more children to help me," said Araka.

"It will grow too fast for you, and neither you nor your children will be able to weave fast enough," said the darkness, "and I will eat it all!"

"You will not," said Araka, "for I can bear an infinite amount of children for the rest of time."

The darkness began to get restless; it swirled and vibrated.

"The multiverse will begin to grow so fast, and stretch so far, that light itself will stop reaching your eyes. You will become blind and you will no longer be able to weave!" hissed the darkness.

"That will not happen," said Araka.

"You have no real answer for that!" laughed the darkness.

"Oh, yes I do," said Araka. She started biting at the darkness, clipping off bits of it until all of the darkness was dismembered and silent, then placed them in the centers of all the galaxies in all the universes in all the multiverse. "And you will help me pin everything in place while I weave."

She looked at her work and smiled.

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