Tuesday, June 14, 2011

57/365 -- Playlist Story -- inspired by "Hello Tomorrow (adidas Version)" by Karen O. & Squeak E. Clean

The lights turned dark, and with them the almost imperceptible buzz from the spiral bulbs ceased. The mass under the blankets breathed softly. Missy watched the blankets rise and fall from her roost on the shelf. She waited for the signs that Jane was in a state of slumber. Missy listened to the people on the lower floor of the house settling into their night-time routine. Soon they too would be sleeping.

Missy's eyes clinked up and down in her head. When Jane's breathing evened out and slowed, Missy slowly got up and climbed down to the next shelf. She shook the shoulder of her friend Barb, and signaled to Fred the bear. Others stirred, and they all made their way towards the bed. They stood silent, and held hands and paws. Their vigil lasted thirty minutes. Then the started pulling down on the blankets, until the pajamaed body of the child was uncovered.

Missy climbed up the mattresses. The others followed. She went to Jane's unconscious head. She grabbed onto hair and pulled. Some of the others were pulling at Jane's feet. Their goal was a millimeter, maybe two, for the night. Jane was due a growth spurt.

Then Missy walked down to Jane's jaw, and pulled open a drooling mouth. She worked on the two front teeth, pushing and pulling and wiggling. There were only a few weeks left to get them loose. They had to keep Jane on schedule. When Missy's arms were tired after a few hours, she shut Jane's jaw and crawled down the side of the mattress. She retreated to the shelf roost, and sat watching. Jane started fussing from being blanketless, minutes from dawn. Missy watched as Jane finally woke and stretched. Missy was happy and hopeful that today Jane would further Missy's anthropomorhization.

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