Monday, May 9, 2011

22/365 -- Playlist Story -- inspired by Submarine Symphonica by the Submarines

Three billion years ago magma cooled and formed land. Wind and rain and biota swept across it. The land pushed up, it eroded down, soil deposited, soil washed away. Plants grew up and died on it, animals walked and mated and fought over it. Man came to it during a chilly long winter, walking over frozen rivers and snow, following mammoth, giant sloth, and horses--for eating, shelter, and tools.

The snow melted. Man settled in long houses, and enjoyed the fruits of long summer. More people came in boats, starving, sick, ambitious. They moved over the land. Battles were fought. People fell and were reclaimed by the land, beetles and worms and bacteria feeding on necrotic flesh; a new fertility. The land was cleared and drained. Mason structures arose. Holes were drilled into the bedrock. Subteranean passages were hollowed out. Water passed underground.

Buildings of steel were erected. These took longer to mature. Men walked nonchalantly across soaring beams as the bellies of the buildings rose high into the sky. Man said to the sky, "I am in you." Skins of glass wrapped around the steel skeletons, enclosing office organs, and a new dumb form of creature came alive.

Economies developed and crumbled and developed again. Wars came and went. More buildings went up and up. Vehicles buzzed and hovered and chattered in the space above the land. Sparks and waves flooded the air and the buildings. Little electric brains hummed in every cavity of the buildings. The brains were connected. Data flooded and washed invisibly through the air. The skins of the buildings grew appendages to collect light. Levels were added ever upward. Skyways connected building to building.

Then there were many hurricanes. Storms battered the skins of the buildings. Stronger skins went on. The buildings then collected carbon from the air and used it for fuel. The buildings drilled deep into the earth and touched magma. The energy grew the buildings higher. The connected brains inside learned how to learn, then learned all they could in months. The buildings talked to each other and thought through the night. They learned to care for the people inside them, symbiotically.

The buildings touched each other, connected, intertwined, and became one. They engulfed the air and the oceans and they ate up the land. Deep in their basements they formed chambers for fusion. The connected buildings deconstructed part of themselves, and rebuilt the area to emit particles in tight beams.

Then the engine turned on, and Earth left the Sun it's mother behind.


Anonymous said...

I loved this story. It was just fantastic and kind of beautiful.

KaOs said...

Aw thanks :-) Somedays I'm just sick of making up specific characters! Actually, I love history and science and the story of the universe (beginnings, endings, and parts thereof) never seem to get much attention in fiction, which is sad, because it's all tremendously beautiful.

James Lindsay said...

That's... Pretty cool. Well writ!

KaOs said...

Thanks A. Glad you liked it.