Monday, April 18, 2011

1/365 Playlist Flash Story -- inspired by Animal by Miike Snow

There are times when my world is filled with darkness. It's then I go back to that time when I was kid, hyped up on high-fructose corn syrup and red #40, jumping on our backyard trampoline, the one with the rusty uncovered springs and spots of shed storage mildew eating away at that summermagical elastin, reaching for the sunbleached blue soaked sky, toes fiercely pointing away at parched grass and terracotta dust anthills, like they represented my citified future, asphalt ruts populated with little self-armored bodies on independent but repetitive, tireless paths, propelled by money and all too tangible, achievable goals, those things you want when you stop dreaming of your future life, your ideal adult you from your childhood eyes of long ago--and I was racing away, my arms pinwheeling slow motion, rocketing me airborn in a still frame of present, to a frozen bliss moment of ultimate childhood apogee. My heart's beating. I can hear it now, blood pounding in my ears. Pom Pom Pom. It's that moment that reassures me that I am not Animal. I am not darkness.


Here's the official music video of this song


Anonymous said...

That was some good stuff.

Justin Bogdanovitch said...

I really like the writing and your ambitious goal. This daily story will only enhance your natural talent. Good job...
I started reading with #1 so, tomorrow, I'll read #2!