Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great First Lines

This is another common writing prompt I do, this time with Leslee, coming up with fantastic first story lines. These are mine (we did separate one), but don't expect any stories from them!

The boat bucked in the maw of the seamonster.

The murder of Phineaus Spalding took two minutes to complete.

Maude disrobed in the middle of the venetian plaza to great cheers and applause.

Fink the dog had several unusual hobbies, including the collecting of small fossils.

Steam rose from the tiny body.

The ants skittered over and under the particles of sawdust as they slowly deconstructed James Sealworth, formerly the mayor of Portland.

A five-foot long eel died slowly, writhing in distress as it tried to find it's way out of the rotting corpse.

It was a dark and stormy night when Jesus finally decided to descend from heaven; unfortunately there was no one left on Earth to greet him with adulation.

The woman in the tiled square ululated just before Yosef was forced to behead her in an ancient ceremony that marked his ascension to the group of Fifteen.

Hermano rubbed his side against the grate in an attempt to wrest his skin from his body.

Once upon a time a priest, a rabbi, and a dog walked into an Irish pub, never to be seen again.

After I wrote these (and Leslee suggested that the duck make it out of the pub alive, I realize these are awfully Gorey-esque. Hmmmm. I'm really twisted!